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Our team can migrate from Google Optimize to FigPii in 3 days with seamless data transfer.

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Say Goodbye to Flicker Effect with 160ms Variation Loading in FigPii.

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FigPii combines the power of Unbounce, Convertize, and Hotjar / Mouseflow into one high-quality, low-cost product. Plus, they've kept their tool focused on CRO and not tried to make it into a user-experience customization tool as well - a mistake I see other CRO tools making (but are shooting themselves in the foot because their feature set will become much too large to maintain and improve over time.) FigPii has a winning product here. It's just a matter of time until people realize just what a cool tool they really have.

Wynne Pirini
CTO, MeasureBit

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Scales To Include Multi-armed Bandit Model

FigPii’s flexibility allows you to explore beyond traditional Bayesian methods. Meaning you can reach statistical significance faster with our advanced testing approach, cutting down the time to reach significance by 80%.

Zero Constraints, Limitless Possibilities

Unlock the full potential of your optimization efforts with FigPii's unlimited tracking and testing capabilities. Unlike traditional solutions such as Google Optimize and VWO, FigPii places no constraints on the number of goals you can track or tests you can run, providing you with limitless opportunities for growth.

All features unlocked. No commitment. No credit cards.

Why Switch To FigPii?

FigPii has straightforward navigation and simple functionality, unlike other tools. Even those without a developer background will find it easy to understand and utilize


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Affordable A/B Testing 

A/B Testing plans starting at $74.99 per month and full suite plans starting at $149.99.

24/7 Expert Migration

Seamless migration from Google optimize with expert support, and 24/7 availability. Reach out to us.

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FigPii Free Plan is better than Optimize,
Here's Why: 

Some of the key areas where FigPii Free plan provides a massive advantage:

I'm happy with the features that FigPii provides. I see, that guys work hard and add new features to the system. The support is on a high level - they are ready to answer any questions, consider any feature request we send, and explain things that are not clear.

Alex H.

The price of this product is especially generous and reasonable. I just find it hard to believe I'm getting this level of functionality this cheap.

The tool that will significantly raise the conversion rate is without a doubt Figpii. Figpii will provide me with the best option for evaluating user behavior and boosting conversion. This tool's Heatmap feature is extremely user-friendly. Additionally, it won't give me any information that is not necessary

Mohammad Shamim
ICT Operations Manager

My overall experience with Figpii is awesome so far. They have a strong support team and they try to solve every customer issue with sincerity and utmost care. Besides, they try to consider any important feature request. That's why Figpii is gradually improving in terms of functionality. If you want to get a great level of user experience with an increased conversion rate, Figpii is one of the best options for you.

Rajesh C.

As a user of HotJar for the last few years and prior to that an early adopter of JS based heatmap software I love the simplicity that comes with FigPii. I'm very happy using the platform and I'm excited to see what feature you might add next.

Brian C.
Managing Director

Since I am a content marketer and monetize my blogs with affiliate links, I have to read the mind of my users. I mean, I must know what the users are looking for and whether I can deliver that to them or not. This is where FigPii is helping me with its analytics. I was a bit skeptical about the capability of this product. But I was totally impressed just after my first week of using FigPii. This is an all in one package for knowing the user behaviors and interactions. The heatmap, AB testing, and videos give me an overview of the strength and weaknesses of that particular page. I can easily fix them by those data and increase the conversion rate. My revenues are gradually improving and all the credit goes to this awesome tool.

Faisal Faruque
Content Marketer

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"Great for any marketer"

The team seems to care about customer experience. They keep asking for feedback, so that's great in products like this.

Ruben T.
Game Development

Running AB tests is demanding enough. Unfortunately, lots of tools 
make it worse by slowing down your site, over-complicating things, and not having all the features you need. FigPii is different.

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